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Many say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Here at In Vogue Kitchens & Joinery Sydney we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. It will be perfect on the outside and practical on the inside, with maximised storage to solve all of your problems. With In Vogue Kitchens, your kitchen will certainly become the main attraction in the house.

Custom Made Joinery

All of our joinery is custom made to your specifications. We only use the finest quality materials to complete our jobs. If you have an idea, In Vogue Kitchens can transform it into a reality.


The team at In Vogue Kitchens are confident to take on any ideas and projects to suite your home and style. Whether you have seen it in a magazine or if you are after a completely customized design, we will certainly create the look you are after. In Vogue will take on any project that stands in your way of making your house a home.


An organised bathroom where everything is easily accessible can cut down a significant amount of time spent getting ready. In Vogue can provide practical solutions to renovating your bathroom while maintaining a high level of quality.


We are all in need of more space. So why not allow In Vogue to provide you with a quality wardrobe that utilises the whole space to its maximum potential. An organised wardrobe with more than enough room to fit all your clothes and shoes neatly – Perfect !

Home Office

Paperwork, printouts and books – the office is always in need of more storage. Allow the team at In Vogue to fit out the perfect office space to ensure everything has its own place, free of clutter and mess.

Home Entertainment

In Vogue can create an organised and functional home entertainment area that provides space for the Xbox, DVD player, DVDS and can also be locked away when guests arrive. Neat, practical and safe, a home entertainment area by In Vogue will certainly create a clutter free, and maximum storage space in your home.

Extra Services

We can recommend and organise quotes for the following services if required.

Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Gyprockers